My Body Blitz Challenge - Wrap-Up & Thank You

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Now that I'm over my body blitz challenge - giving up sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol and carbs after 6pm, I can look back in glorious hindsight at how challenging it was and how easy it was - not in the least due to the amazing comments and support I received from you all.

If I in any way inspired a single person to get on the Feel Good bandwagon, then it was worth every moment documenting this short period of my life.

I may not have achieved the body of Elle McPherson, nor the physique I had in my late 20s (above) but the way I feel and the vast improvements in my health far outweight being able to sashay in skinny jeans.

I'm actually really stunned at the amount of people who said they've been feeling similarly lousy and unhealthy. It looks like I'm not the only woman who has driven herself into the ground of ill health through self-neglect, inertia, lack of exercise and comfort eating.

This regime was not about being skinny or trying to wind back 20 years - it was about feeling vibrant, energetic, fit, happy and just plain well. And I'm thrilled to say, I've achieved that. Okay - I still have a way to go, but I'm so much more inspired to limit my bad days and strive for days that make me feel - and look - wonderful.

Thank you to all of your for your amazing support. I would love to hear the results of the many who are following a similar regime, and changing their lives for the better. Here's to feeling fit, feminine and fabulous!!

My 14 Day Regime...

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Anonymous said...

Good on you! So impressed with your drive and stamina! I'm not ready to do something like that yet but I'm glad I can come back here for advice when I do...

Thea said...

I finish tomorrow, but I wasn't nearly as good at it as you! It was great though. Have a blog post ready to roll tomorrow...will send you the link.
Congratulations on your 2 weeks! And thanks for the inspiration. :)

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