No-sugar, no-wheat, no-dairy, no alcohol - DAY SIX

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Day Six and I cannot even begin to express to you how glorious it feels to wake up NOT grumpy! Still the occasional snappiness, though.

My sense of humour is returning. Heavens to Murgatroyd!

The white coating at the back of my tongue has vastly improved. Morning breath still a little acidic.

Didn’t feel seedy this morning. Nor headachey. Joy!

Felt bright-eyed upon waking and much more willing to exercise than yesterday.

My body fat seems to be ‘unclogging’. The parts where I’m pudgy seem to be breaking down.

I haven’t lost any more weight but I’m toning up noticeably.

Afternoon didn’t go so well – had a major sweet craving after lunch. Had to sate it with five squares of my antioxidant sugar-free chocolate and 900 rice crackers. They say to drink more fluid when you crave things, and so a cup of tea and lots of water were next.

By having this sweet craving, I discovered something major. Something psychological. I had come to a bit of a productivity block at the time and upon reflection, I always crave something snacky or sugary whenever I reach a writing block or impasse. These impasses make me feel really uncomfortable, so I comfort myself with food.

Once I decided to clear my head, take a break from it all and refocus (by doing the ironing! weeee!), the craving went. I’ve always suspected overeating or comfort eating is related to filling a ‘gap’. Or we eat because we don’t want to face something or feel something or because we’re not filling our time doing something we love (and therefore becoming fulfilled by something other than food). Enlightening.

As afternoon progressed, irritation came back. Probably due to the negative or tetchy reactions from some people regarding this challenge I’m on. Am taking great pains to share this journey in the hope of inspiring others, so it’s discouraging and oftentimes mindboggling.

Some of the reactions I’ve been getting make me wonder if ‘other people’ have a stronger influence than we think on what we eat and how we live our lives on a health scale. Or how we succeed in becoming more healthy (or not succeed). Think about it: when we’re off the booze and go out for a night with friends, the pressure to join in and ‘have a drink’ is often immense. Ditto with food. Coffee with the girls? If everyone else is having cheesecake and hot chocolate, are we really going to smile wide and nurse a mineral water?

Do people sabotage our health efforts, or do we sabotage others, more than we realise?

Thankfully, I’ve also been receiving an enormous amount of super-positive support – both encouraging me to keep going and from people who’ve also been inspired to take care of their health and to ‘feel great’ again.

Here’s to feeling positive, inspired and wonderful. I’m slowly getting there.

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Angel Chris said...

Lovely blog with interesting topics as always..Everyone will like reading your blog after reading your blog post for the first time..I am sure..
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Anonymous said...

Think you are fantastic. I am not in a place where I am ready to contemplate doing a detox but when I am I am glad I'll be able to come and back read these posts for advice. You are doing great! x

Dani said...

Very proud!

Green Mama said...

Well done Tania- I did a month-long detox (similar to yours) a couple of years, and it was awesome. We give our cars services, why wouldn't we do the same for our bodies? Ignore the negative, suck up the positive.

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