No-sugar, no-wheat, no-dairy, no alcohol - DAY NINE

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Uh-oh. Day Nine became blow-out day, alas.

It all started well. Woke tired but not at all ‘hungover’ or headachey. Just sleepy.

Felt motivated but also wary that I’m not losing a single gram. Could have been the no-sugar chocolate bar (ok, it was only around 50g but it has to add up) I wolfed down last night to make myself feel better. Have to keep relying on the fact that my clothes are getting looser and that although I’ve stepped up the exercise, I do spend a great deal of my day sedentary (the curse of the writer!).

Whatever the case, what I am noticing is that even when I start feeling emotionally ratty, I am looking good! Nice little unexpected side-bonus.

Went to naturopath (oh, and dentist went well the other day, too) and that was amazing, as it’s been years. A good naturopath is freakishly amazing at pinpointing your ailments and needs. Left her office feeling refreshed, so much happier and with a small stash of homeopathic remedies, which I can’t wait to start.

Felt so good after naturopath, Husband is going next week and am also going to take my son soon.

As day progressed, I found I had lots of energy and focus. Made another delicious, no-carb dinner and had a little no-sugar chocolate after. Admittedly, my dinner didn’t contain a heap of protein but I was still sated.

At about 8pm, I became starving. This is my food witching hour, it seems. Or could it have been the naturopathy remedies I’d started? I was so ravenous, it shocked me and I beat off cravings for an hour, drinking lots of water. At 9pm, I caved completely and ate so many rice crackers, my stomach distended and I was so horrified, disappointed and so so sooo upset with myself.

Went to bed feeling lousy and absolutely exhausted. What a way to enter week two.

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Dani said...

Every day is a new beginning.

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